March 17, 2015


Oooh it's another two for one special, and what I would consider to be my last post for winter. I'm closing winter down! Goodbye sweatshirts, flannel shirts, and jackets. I would like to wish a very big hello to dresses, tank tops, and my knees and ankles.

My two makes this week are what I'm calling my Lumberjane Archer, and a new Merino wool sweatshirt for Jeremy - with pictures from our recent trip to Arizona! (Or as Jeremy has called it - Arisewna... hahaha)

I also have a short Winter Wrap Up at the bottom of the post!!
Pattern: Grainline Studio Archer
Size: 10 (bust), 8 (waist), 12 (hips)
Alterations: Tapered the sleeves to a 2 at the wrist
Fabric: green and white plaid flannel from Joann's (not available online)
Worn with: Ginger Jeans

There's not a whole lot to say about this Archer that hasn't been said before - this is such a TNT pattern for me, that I don't need to make changes anymore (which is such a great feeling to have!!). 

This fabric came from Joann's, and it's the same fabric that I used for Jeremy's last McCalls 6613 (here) - just in a different color way. It definitely has some poly content, as it doesn't breathe very well, but that makes it nice and warm for winter.

This past week and weekend, Jeremy and I took a road trip to Arizona to visit his mom, who lives in Flagstaff. I've never really been to Arizona - just one time to the Grand Canyon (on a little flight from Vegas), and a 20 mile drive through the state when I moved to Los Angeles. So this was a really exciting trip!!

Northern Arizona is really beautiful, and I think my mind was the most boggled by the Grand Canyon and Sedona.
Living in Los Angeles - we have a lot of natural beauty... the ocean, beaches, and some of my favorite scenery: the hills of Santa Barbara County. But, the rock formations in Arizona are on a whole other level. The landscape also changes vastly over the course of even just 20 miles or so.

Pattern: Stretch & Sew 100
Size: 42
Fabric: Merino wool from The Fabric Store

Jeremy's new sweatshirt is another version of the raglan pattern that I've made before. We've actually been working on perfecting 2 t-shirt patterns for him using this pattern and McCalls M6973.

The fabric was a Christmas present from me to him from The Fabric Store here in Los Angeles (how nice to have a husband that wants fabric - yay!), and it's Merino wool. The fabric is really soft, but it's not very stretchy, and it would've been nice to have matching rib knit for the neckband.

For this version, I raised the neckline to be a bit higher than his other version. I also did a bit of a mock coverstitch-type stitch on the seams to break up the solid color a little bit. This worked out alright, but I can do this for real now because I got a coverstitch machine a few weeks ago (!!!!!!!!). I do think if I can get the settings right on the next iteration, the coverstitching will add a bit of a RTW look + pizzaz to the seams of a plain sweatshirt.

I'm sure these winter staples will carry us well into spring, but I am ready to move on! 

Briefly, I'd like to give you a bit of a follow up to my Winter Wardrobe Plan for 2014/2015. I did, in fact, manage to make every pattern on my list - but not all with the same fabrics I'd planned. Below is a quick rundown:
  1. True Bias Sutton Blouse - in silk from Michael Levine: full post here
  2. Deer and Doe Bruy√®re - in Robert Kaufman Chambray Dots in Burgundy: full post here
  3. By Hand London Victoria Blazer poly gabardine from Michael Levine - full post here
  4. Closet Case Patterns Ginger Jeans - in 3 fabrics! 11.5 oz Stretch Denim in Indigo from, Cone Mills Denim from the Ginger Jeans kit, and a gray denim from Mood Fabrics - full posts here (1, 2, 3)
  5. Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber - this wasn't on my initial wardrobe plan, but I'm so glad it made the list anyway!! #rigelbomberjanuary was so much fun, and Mel from the Curious Kiwi picked mine as her favorite (I chose the Papercut Pneuma tank, btw) - full post here
  6. Grainline Studio Archer Shirt - in plaid flannel rather than denim - ABOVE!
  7. True Bias Hudson Pant - I did end up making these in gray French terry from the garment district, but alas - they are unphotographed 
  8. Colette Patterns Moneta Dress Pattern - I did make this too but it is also unblogged. I wasn't crazy about the fit - I did something weird with the sleeves - so it also remains unphotographed (and unworn)
I also sewed a few Christmas gifts, as well as some Lindens and t-shirts for Jeremy. 

Because spring is on its way (and I'm sick of winter clothes) - I'm ready to start my Spring Wardrobe Plan! I'm really excited about everything on the list (there may be some vacation wear in there) - and I'll be posting it soon (hopefully on Friday)! Woot!


  1. Looks like a great and beautiful trip!! We did a road trip to the Grand Canyon one summer, and we went to Flagstaff and Sedona too. I couldn't get over how incredibly beautiful it all was/is. Nature is a powerful thing, isn't it?
    I love your plaid archer, and I bet it was nice and cozy this winter! It's so great to have a go to pattern for a button up!
    You did a great job on your list - I really love all your makes (and I would have easily picked your Rigel Bomber as a fav too!).
    I am always on the look out for a Men's T-shirt pattern for the dudes in my life. I tried out the Strathcona Henley, but it's much too fitted for my guys. I'm interested to see how the one's you make Jeremy turn out. (And how awesome is it that he wanted fabric as a gift!! Arisewna!! LOL).

  2. Thanks, Heather!!! I couldn't believe how pretty it was! It almost made me wonder what it would be like to live there... then I quickly changed my mind. hahaha Amazing though!

    And I cannot wait to post about the t-shirts... I've made 4 so far, and we're almost at a perfect fit for the raglan and the regular sleeve. The Strathcona is way too tight for Jeremy too in the shoulders. I want to make him pants from their patterns, but I don't know how roomy they'll be after how tight the henley was.

  3. Beautiful scenery for that plaid Archer! As if it was made for it ;) I've visited the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago & it's beauty is unparalleled I think (I am from the Netherlands, so almost anything that isn't flat lands is extraordinary...)

    Looking forward to your Spring plans!

  4. Such a beautiful part of the world. Lovely photos. Ooh you'll be pleased to know I'm sure that I followed your advice and have sourced an edge stitching foot - now just need to make the time to go get it! Also, this isn't something I've tried, but have read about as being successful - if you want to make a neck band from knit fabric that's not super stretchy try cutting it on the bias.

  5. Oh and how rude of me - great job on finishing your winter list! I love me some sewing lists!

  6. Thank you, Hilde, I agree!! And being from the Midwest, I know all about flat land... the smaller mountains in Southern California still surprise me sometimes (especially when it's 90 degrees, and there's still snow on the mountains: my favorite).

  7. Thanks, Sarah!! And I am so glad you got an edge stitching foot - you'll love it! Perfect for collared shirts, piping, and many other things. I usually use my regular foot, edge foot, and quarter inch foot on everything!

    And thank you so much for reminding me about the bias. I was in such a knit world, that I totally forgot about that feature of wovens/low stretch fabrics... I will remember for next time!! :D

  8. Awesome shirt! I bought some flannel to make myself a shirt, just in time for the colder weather that's about to hit us.

    Amazing photos, too! Phew what an incredible backdrop

  9. Thanks, Sophie-Lee! I always forget that a lot of sewists have winter coming up!! I can't wait to see your flannel shirt!! (And all your winter wear!)

    And it's definitely not every day that we get to have such amazing scenery to photograph with!

  10. Oh man, I love the west... I've driven through Arizona (on the way to LA), but not spent much time there, but used to spend time with a friend's family in New Mexico and LOVED it! It's so beautiful! Your photos are awesome!

    Love both shirts! I'll have to track down a copy of the Stretch & Sew pattern- I haven't been able to find a basic raglan pullover pattern for my dude and I'm nervous about drafting one. This version looks perfect! And way to go finishing up your sewing list- you've got a great handmade wardrobe!

  11. Thanks, Sonja!! I've never been to New Mexico - I'd love to go someday though... I think it's the only state left in the west/southwest I haven't been to...

    And Stretch & Sew 100 is a great pattern - if a little sparse on directions. If you've made the Linden, then it's a piece of cake. It did take me a few practice runs to get the fit just right - but totally worth it. Looks like there are 2 on Etsy ( and The first one seems to have the same illustration as mine, but with all sizes... where the 2nd one has the same limited sizes mine does, but with a different illustration.

  12. Came over from Kollabora because your photos are just too beautiful! Great Archer- looks so comfy! So jealous of your trip to the Grand Canyon-went a few months ago and it quickly became my favorite place. Perfect photo oop! Also been looking for a good pattern for a man's top and the McCalls one looks awesome- might have to check it out! Beautiful projects!

  13. Thanks, Trish!! It had been so long since I'd been to the Grand Canyon and I was really awestruck by the beauty! And I highly recommend McCalls 6613 for a men's button up shirt!