November 11, 2014


As I've said previously, Southern California winter is more like a mild fall anywhere else - but that doesn't mean that us thin blooded humans don't get cold. Plus, being from the Midwest, I love an excuse to cozy up around the holidays (even if it was just hot enough to wear a sundress the other day).

I've tried to do wardrobe planning before, including for my handmade honeymoon. Usually this consists of making collages in Photoshop - just to get a sense of what I'm looking for. For my honeymoon wardrobe, I mostly made everything I had planned (I should post it just for fun), but this winter I think I'm setting myself up for a win.

Without further ado, the patterns I'm hoping to make - along with the fabrics...

I have to admit that I was not completely convinced that I needed this pattern at first for some reason, but then I started seeing it pop up in the blogosphere, and I had to have it... 3 times over apparently.

1. Mini Feathers Poly Crepe de Chine in Navy, from Blackbird Fabrics
2. A sort of aztec print silk of some kind from Michael Levine (I do not have enough knowledge about silk to know what specifically it is)
3. This actually counts as inspiration, but I love, love, love what Kelli chose as an inspiration in her sewalong post - from Anthropologie, linen/cotton shell and rayon lining. YES, PLEASE.

Another season, another Archer. Soon I could probably wear one of these every day for a month. Also - it's totally okay to be inspired by your own (as of yet, unblogged) shirt right? For the next one, I'm debating whether or not to use my new cranberry top stitching thread from Taylor Tailor, and I might use the pockets from the Alder Shirtdress pattern.

Fabric: Robert Kaufman 6.5 oz Indigo Washed Denim

Now this is something new for me - another collared shirt, but it's much different from the Archer (or anything else I have). It's longer, darted, has a waist, and can be worn with tights. With my fabric, I'm basically knocking off the sample on the pattern page, but also (unashamedly) ripping off Tilly's beautiful version in the same fabric, but different colorway.

Fabric: Robert Kaufman Chambray Dots in Burgundy

I pinned this photo a long time ago with the BHL Victoria in mind. I've tried my hand a few times at the Victoria Blazer, but for some reason it never turns out just right. Wrong interfacing, no interfacing, weird fabric, etc. This time I'm hoping to nail it - and also modify the collar/lapels to be one piece so they lay down better against the jacket. Plus, can't go wrong with basic black.

Fabric: I bought my fabric at Michael Levine, and I'm pretty sure this is it - it's at least similar. I also have black rayon challis for the lining from Angel Textiles in DTLA.

Ah the Ginger Jeans. I had literally told Jeremy just a few days before the pattern's release that I wanted to try my hand at jeans. And BAM! Here comes Heather with the best pattern ever. I've already gotten started on one pair (should be done this week, and in hindsight, should've maybe waited for the sewalong...), and I can't wait for my kit to arrive.

1. 11.5 oz Stretch Denim in Indigo from - this is what I'm currently using, and I'm excited to see how it compares to the kit below (if it's good quality or not - I have nothing to compare it to)
2. I snatched up the Ginger Jeans kit immediately after I saw the announcement. Super nice denim, hardware and the pattern - yes!

I've already made two pairs of Hudsons (soon to be blogged), but what really did it for me was Kelli's woven version. On our honeymoon, I saw about 100,000 people wearing similar pants and they were a top priority when I returned. I also want to make another pair of the knit version in French Terry, and maybe even a matching Grainline Linden to create what Jen called a "senior suit" (mentioned here).

1. For the woven version: Pale Green Solid Woven from Mood. I bought this with an Archer in mind, but I think the weight and drape will be better as pants. Plus, it'll make a nice wearable muslin for the woven version.
2. For the knit version: Heather Gray French Terry from Stylish Fabric

In a world of separates stands this one dress. I made so many dresses over the summer that I don't need many more (for now), but I had the idea for a wine colored, long sleeve version - and this is it.

Fabric: Ponte de Roma in Wine from Michael Levine. This fabric is much softer and stretchier than my last version - and I can't wait to whip it up.

Extra Credit:
I would love to make the Sewaholic Minoru and the Colette Albion (I already have both patterns), but both of these are a little less necessary than making more cool weather clothing:
1) already have a few jackets that hardly get worn, and
2) I have almost no use for a coat in my life right now (but I want one!!)


  1. Okay, I officially want to be winter wardrobe twins with you! I pretty much have all these patterns on my list too. I can't wait to see your Gingers (and everything else too!).

    1. Thank you!!! Your Suttons inspired me to make so many of my own!

  2. Hi! I found your blog when I was searching for other sewists making Gingers. I love your organization for this post! I need to do some winter wardrobe planning--Ginger Jeans are at the top of my list!

    1. Thank you! It helps so much to get everything organized for when I finish one project and wonder what to do next. And Ginger's are definitely a learning curve if you haven't made jeans before - but they are very satisfying and fun to make! I'm so close to being done with the first pair (just rivets and hem to go!).