October 22, 2014


Pattern: Grainline Studio Archer
Size: 10 (bust), 8 (waist), 12 (hips)
Alterations: Tapered the sleeves to a 2 at the wrist
Fabric: Some not-so-nice denim from Joann's (something like this)

Over a year ago, I made my 2nd successful Archer from Grainline Studio. I say 2nd, but in truth, it was my 3rd. However, the first was made on my old, old sewing machine - which was essentially a hunk of garage sale junk, but I was just starting out and didn't realize just how bad it was. In hindsight, my red chambray first attempt isn't really that bad considering, but it shall remain in the closet.
I love Jen's patterns, but I find the sizing to be a bit weird on my body. My measurements (real talk - about 39.5 / 32 / 41.5) match up with her sizes 14 at the bust, and 12 at the waist and hip. I think I made my first attempt in a straight size 14, but found the end result to be too big and bulky. I realize the design is meant to be a bit loose, but wanted to create something more close fitting and shapely.
Wrinkled back and inverted pleat
So for my 1st real attempt (after grading between sizes), I used a flannel sheet I picked up at a thrift store called The Man Cave (no joke) in Buellton, CA. I probably should include a photo, but imagine my denim version in green and white small-check flannel. Very cozy. I believe my final size was mainly 10 at the bust, graded to an 8 at the waist, and a 12 at the hip (and all the way down to a 2 at the wrist for the arms). Much better!

This version was made the exact way, but with pretty cheap denim from Joann. I do love the result!
These pictures were also taken by my husband the day after we got engaged. Happy smiles all around!


  1. I love this version - and the denim looks great! Good job on the fit! I love this pattern too, doesn't it make you want to button downs everyday?

    1. Thanks, Heather!! I love this pattern so much and have like 6 different versions now, but this one (and the light wash denim I will post soon) are my favorites - and there's another one on my to-do list! :D