My name is Katie and I live and sew in Los Angeles.
I'm originally from Indiana, and moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to work in the entertainment industry. See my day job work here.

I started sewing as a little girl, and my mother can attest that I had almost no attention to detail. She can tell you all about me announcing that I did not need to cut quilt pieces straight - I just needed to sew straight.

In high school, I took a sewing class - made pajamas (everyone got pajama pants for Christmas that year), and some kind of weird hamburger thing (where you use different skills to make all the parts). There has to be some picture from our "fashion show" somewhere...

After moving to California, I had an urge to get a sewing machine and start sewing. At home, I always had access to my mom's machine, but in LA I had no way to fix minor rips, tears, or do basic alterations.

In 2012, my sister brought me a giant POS sewing machine that came from a garage sale. Somewhere along the line, I got the impression that the machine had been my mom's, and I tried to love it. I managed to sew a Grainline Scout Tee before completely giving up (she later told me the garage sale part - and I've since given it away...). I bought a 1970s Singer Stylist Zig Zag 457 for $50 at a thrift store called "The Man Cave." On that machine, I happily re-learned how to sew, picked up so many new skills, and made several garments and FIVE Amy Butler Weekender Bags. FIVE.

Because of these bags, and my mother-in-law's bragging, I received an little used Janome Memory Craft 3500 from my husband's Nana. With that, and the addition of a Brother 1034D Serger, my sewing output has gone through the roof.

I am well on my way to sewing everything that I wear, and I love it. My husband also benefits when I can make time to sew for him too. I also managed to wear almost completely handmade threads on my September 2014 honeymoon - also known as the #handmadehoneymoon.

I'm so excited to be a part of the online sewing community that has given me so much over the last few years.