March 20, 2015


So guys - there's something you should know about me: I'm obsessed with making lists (I always have about 10 post it notes around me at any given time too). Pretty much the best way for me to wrangle all my sewing plans and fabric in my stash (and to buy!) is to make a wardrobe plan.

I really loved having my Winter Wardrobe Plan, and I wanted to definitely make one for spring. A few months ago, my spring plan was hazy at best, but then Jeremy and I decided to take a vacation and it suddenly came into focus! Between birthday gift cards and a birthday/Valentine's Day trip to the garment district (the true way to a woman's heart) - I now know my (hopefully) concrete plan for what to make in the coming months. This includes a nice dress for a wedding, bathing suit cover ups, and new summer dresses (I wore my dresses from last summer to death and they all need replaced).

I also have been trying to focus more on patterns that I already have - so this list is a reflection of that. There are so many awesome indie patterns out there (and from the big 4 also) - but if I try to keep up, I only make each one once. And, in what should be no surprise after the first paragraph - I made a spreadsheet listing all my patterns, and went from there in choosing my Spring 2015 Wardrobe Plan!

  1. McCalls M6696 view A (or Alder if I get my FBA right) in Palos Verdes La Venta Voile: I've made a test version of this dress, but I made it out of rayon and it stretched out a bit. Hopefully the voile will be more stable!
  2. McCalls M7084 in Kaufman Nautique Chambray Anchors Indigo: This is definitely the spring of shirt dresses! I'd like to use the bodice from this dress and add a simple gathered skirt (rather than godets, as the other views have). 
  3. McCalls M7084 in Robert Kaufman 6.5 oz Indigo Washed Denim: I'm hoping to make view A (the straight skirt) from this light denim with visible topstitching for extra punch. 
  4. Sewaholic Yaletown in Rayon Challis from Angel Textiles: I've made this dress before, but it was all over too big, so I'm planning to size down, and remove some of the blousing... and make a self fabric belt! I also want to make it sleeveless like Jenny @ One Last Press
  1. By Hand London Kim Dress in floral voile from Angel Textiles: I've had the Kim dress for awhile, but still haven't made it. I was inspired by Mary of Idle Fancy to get the pattern, and further encouraged by the BHL Kim sewalong floral version. I'm planning to do the sweetheart neck with the gathered skirt. 
  2. Sewaholic Saltspring midi dress in paisley silk from Angel Textiles: Inspired by this Anthro dress, I'm going to make a midi skirt version with side slit, no blousing, and a self fabric string/tie fed through the elastic channel, instead of elastic. I'm planning to wear this to a wedding in a few weeks, so I better get cracking!
  3. Sewaholic Saltspring with knit from the Michael Levine Loft: I'm going to make another Saltspring for a bathing suit coverup/summer casual dress. Not sure yet if I will make the regular length, or a maxi like Kelly
  4. Megan Nielsen Eucalypt with knit from the Michael Levine Loft: This actually looks like a different colorway of the knit just above. I want to make either a straight dress version, or one of Megan's variations with a gathered skirt for a simple summer dress/swim coverup. 
  5. Megan Nielsen Eucalypt with knit from the Michael Levine Loft: This knit is a heathered t-shirt knit, and I'm not sure which variation to make yet (maybe her maxi version!)
  1. True Bias Hudson in damask rayon poplin - I had a goal to make woven Hudsons in the winter, but I never got around to it... but these pants will be perfect for spring (and spoiler alert - they're already done!!!!)
  2. Megan Nielsen Cascade in ikat rayon poplin - I really only have 2 skirts, and they're both 1) worn to death and 2) Cascades. This skirt is basically my ideal skirt, and I'm making this one with the ties in front, and the hem leveled. 
  3. Closet Case Carolyn view C in silk (!!!!!) from Angel Textiles: I bought a lot of silk a month ago in the garment district, and silk pajamas were #1 in my mind. I love this chevron pattern, and I'm going to use black piping (that's actually shiny) - ala Sophie-Lee
  1. Deer and Doe Datura in Palos Verdes Wayfarer Voile: I am in desperate need of new tank tops, and this is really just the beginning. When making a handmade wardrobe - don't forget about basics!! I've made Datura once before, but this time I think I'll do the triangle cut out neckline to compliment the chevrons in the fabric. 
  2. Grainline Archer View B in silk from Angel Textiles: aka the ruffle butt version! I've also made this once before (unblogged), but I used some terrible fabric. This redemption will be sleeveless and in this gorgeous silk that I love. I've never made a button up in silk, so that should be fun...
  3. Grainline Hemlock in knit from the Michael Levine Loft: Another basic!! I also bought a ton of this fabric (it was by the pound) - so some other dresses might crop up in this stripe knit as well!
Whew - that's a ton! But I have all the fabric, so it's just a matter of time... and willpower :D

In addition to these, I'd love to make some Hudson shorts (has anyone tried this??), or maybe some Carolyn shorts to wear outside the house, a few Seamwork Savannah camisoles (made from the skirts of failed shirtdresses), some self-drafted rub off tanks (ack! scary!), and two new linen M6613 shirts for Jeremy (we have the fabric already!).

Do you ever try to make a seasonal wardrobe plan? What's on your Spring 2015 list?


  1. Fabulous plans - lots of gorgeous fabrics and patterns. I'm a list-maker too but I haven't thought as far as S/S yet. There'll definitely be Grainline Alders involved though. Love the look of M7084 too!

  2. Fantastic! I'm glad I'm not the only one who lives life surrounded by a flurry of post-it notes! I love to make sewing lists, but I'm not always the best at sticking to them, but I'm going to try this spring and summer! I'm excited to see your M7084, and you've picked the cutest fabric for your summer pajamas! Can't wait to see these ideas turn into garments!

  3. Thanks, Katie! I'm so excited to start cutting into all of it. I was sort of behind on spring and summer plans, but a May vacation kicked me into gear. And I saw what I think was an Alder on your Instagram - can't wait to see more!

  4. Post it notes everywhere! I always have to have at least 2 post it pads on my desk, and a full sized notepad (in addition to a moleskin and several email drafts!). I'm really looking forward to M7084 and it's princess seam/fitting abilities. Nice to have options outside of darts. And I cannot wait to be wearing silk pjs!!

  5. Heeheehee... OK, then you'll appreciate this- I have post-its in three different sizes on my sewing table (but all the same color, don't ask), two different lined to-do list notepads (one for sewing, one for the day), a moleskine for pattern notes, and a notebook for weird non-sewing ideas that I come with while I'm sewing! It's a little bit nuts... my husband can't understand it (he's an all-digital guy who puts nothing on paper), but it's always helped me as a person with ADHD to write down everything I need to do and to write down whatever pops into my head while I'm doing tasks so I don't stop what I'm doing and get distracted! :D

  6. Yes! This is amazing! I love the 3 different sizes, but the same color post its! I have a lot of colored post it notes but they don't mean anything... just pretty to surround myself with. My ADD is totally out of control sometimes, and if I don't write something down immediately, it's gone. I also usually have about 20 tabs open in my browser at any given time... you know... things to look at later or to remember!

  7. I want to make almost everything on your list too!! You have paired some great things together here Katie!! That M7084 looks like an awesome shirtdress.
    John bought me fabric for Valentine's Day too - a few days before he said, "so would you prefer flowers or fabric?" - it was a no brainer LOL.
    I haven't blogged them, but I made a pair of Carolyn shorts in a lightweight denim which I have worn a ton in Maui. So comfy! I'm thinking that Hudson shorts would work really well too.
    I'm a list maker too, but I'm really bad at following through.
    I can't wait to see all these makes!!

  8. It's always interesting to see people's lists. I've tried making them before and... well, I rarely follow them - I'm more likely to pull a random fabric or pattern out of my stash and decide to sew with it NOW.

  9. My that's a fabulous list! I've got a list too of course. It's on my iPad Notes, broken down into garment type, then whether I have fabric already, how much time it should take me, WIP's, list of finished garments then finally pattern and fabric shopping lists. I find reading it helps me to focus and not get distracted by shiny things......
    I love M7084 with the A-line skirt! All the others look wonderful too and I'm looking forward to seeing your woven Hudsons!

  10. Yay!!!! Sewing twin! And that is so awesome that John asked "flowers or fabric!" And I absolutely cannot wait to see your denim Carolyn shorts! I'm generally really bad at list following, too - but I actually bought all this fabric, so that's helpful... it's the sort of "wish list" lists that I tend to not follow through on (jackets, pants for Jeremy, etc...)

  11. I like the sort of spur of the moment sewing too, and still do it sometimes, but lists help me a lot... Having a vacation to plan it around helps too! :D

  12. Oh wow - your list is way more epic than mine! How long it should take you - that's a great idea. Then it's easier to see what you can do in an afternoon, rather than the course of a week or more. I'm so excited that everyone is liking M7084... it might move up in the queue to sooner rather than later :D