January 9, 2015


And bonus Linden Sweatshirt!

Pattern: Closet Case Patterns Ginger Jeans
Size: 10, View B (high rise)
Modifications: Took a slight wedge from the back yoke and waistband
Fabric: Cone Mills Denim from my denim kit
Worn with: A new Grainline Linden Sweatshirt in cream French terry (a different version talked about here)

I have finished a second pair of Closet Case Patterns Ginger Jeans, and I'm officially never buying jeans again. Thank you so much, Heather Lou for creating such a wonderful, amazing pattern!!

These pictures were taken right after Christmas on a camping trip with some of our friends to Jalama Beach - where it was below 40 degrees at night... oof. More pictures from that trip (with more me-mades) to come! Also seen here... a bonus Christmas hat - which looks cooler than I thought it would, if I do say so myself :D

I spent most of my last post talking about construction and general info, so I figured I'd kick this off with a bit of that - but mostly just straight up love for this pattern.

For my previous pair, I sized down 2 sizes (from a 12 to an 8), but this Cone Mills denim seemed less stretchy than my other denim. Heather Lou also mentioned that this denim is supposed to hold it's shape well (see here for more details), so I only sized down one size. And thank goodness I did - because any tighter would've been way too tight.

Construction, overall, went much better this time - resulting in better front pockets (I think my pocket lining on my previous pair has sort of a twisted grain), better topstitching (I only used my newer machine with guide feet, rather than my squirrelly old one), and just overall better quality (since I knew what I was doing).

I will admit to screwing up the waistband a little (guess I didn't need a wedge out of the back after all), and it's a bit too tight... But I can always unbutton the top button after a big meal (don't tell me you don't do that!).

 Okay - here's the nitty gritty, and the real deal. You need this pattern. If you're a confident advanced beginner, or a more advanced seamstress/seamster/sewist with a fear of jeans - you must get this pattern! I think with a lot of patience, and attention to detail, pretty much anyone can make these. The pros way outweigh any cons (the only one being time required).

I have never felt more confident, more comfortable and more *ahem* shapely in a pair of pants EVER. Heather Lou really did her work on these, and the fit and flattering-ness are off the charts amazing. Her sewalong is totally ace, and she really holds your hand throughout the entire process (between the sewalong and the instructions, you really can't screw up... too much).

So arm yourself with beautiful topstitching thread (I'm using a dark pink on my next pair), a seam ripper (you'll need it, trust me), and a lot of patience - and make thee some jeans.


  1. They look great! Can't wait to make the high-rise version myself.

    1. Thanks, Katie! I loved your plum ones! And the high rise is amazing!

  2. Fab!
    SSB https://facebook.com/sassysewingbees

  3. I love this pair on you too!! I totally agree with all your comments on this pattern - it is awesome!! PS: Your hat is super cool!!

    1. Thanks, Heather!! This denim is seriously amazing! And I'm glad someone else thinks my hat is cool - I wasn't sure if I could be a hat person or not :D

  4. I visited Jalama Beach in Summer, and your photos made my heart ache to be back! And your jeans are fabulous.

  5. Thank you!!! Jalama Beach is so beautiful - that's so great that you got to see it when you were in the US!