October 30, 2014


Pattern: Grainline Studio Linden Sweatshirt, View A
Size: 10 (bust), 8 (waist), 12 (hips) - exact same as my Archer pattern mods
Modifications: None - but will do some next time
Fabric: Sparkly cream sweater knit from the Michael Levine Loft, ribbing from Stylish Fabric

Although I live in Southern California, and our winter is arguably a mild fall anywhere else - I've been craving some cool weather clothing. Over the summer, in preparation for my Handmade Honeymoon, I made a slew of dresses. Needless to say, I'm ready to move on. 

Along came the Linden Sweatshirt from Grainline Studio just in time for a trip I was making to the garment district in Downtown LA.

The Michael Levine Loft is such an insane place - you may have read about it from other bloggers, but it's a by-the-pound smorgasbord of leftover fabrics from the main store. Some of it is still on the roll, and you get to cut it yourself (it is by the pound, after all, so how much you get is up to you). The rest of the fabric is in giant cardboard boxes on the floor, and you get to sort through them. I used to sort through them a lot, but now I mainly just pull pretty or shiny things off the top.

I snatched this fabric up in an instant, due to its sparkly nature and soft feel.

I bought the ribbing from Stylish Fabric after readings Jen's first post for the Linden Sweatshirt, but unfortunately I think it's a bit too thin. The weight works with my lightweight sweater knit, but paired with anything with a bit more heft and it would be too light.

This is a great, super easy pattern and a very quick and satisfying make. It was also sewn completely on the serger. I've made Jeremy several raglan sweatshirts from a vintage pattern (that'll be up soon), so I didn't even need the directions - though they were excellent and would be great for a beginner.

My only note would be to, depending on your preference, tighten up the hem band, and possibly cut a smaller size at the hip if you want more of a cinched in sweatshirt feel. I'll also probably remove about 1/2" - 1" on the sleeves, as I had a minor bit of pooling at the wrists.

I still have what seems to be 100 sweater knits left from my last trip downtown, and I can't wait to whip more of these up in different sleeve lengths, with and without ribbing, and the View B hemline.
We were at our friends' house for the weekend, and this is their cat, Trout, getting all up in the camera.

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  1. This looks super comfy and I love the sparkly knit! Cute kitty too!