August 26, 2015


Back in the Spring when I was planning my wardrobe for that season, I really went over the top. I had so many beautiful fabrics, and a trip to St. John and Spain ahead of me. However, I think I really put too much pressure on myself to get everything done. Making a wardrobe plan, for me, is such a great way to organize my sewing (and my brain) - but I've realized that it has to be done in moderation!

I did manage to get most everything done, but I have really had to take a step back and think more about what I'm sewing. I used to have a pretty serious love of shopping, and I've now morphed that into a belief that I can still sew in the way I shopped - as in, dresses on demand. If I know I have a trip coming up, and that I want 5 new dresses - I start getting to work. However, sewing isn't always about making on demand clothing. Post-Spain, I've realized that I love sewing more complicated garments and methodical sewing. I just finished a Minoru, and there are more Gingers on my horizon (as well as some new winter basics). 

I'm hopeful that the dresses I made over the spring and summer will hold up until next spring, and I can really just add to my collection, rather than sew a whole new wardrobe like I tried to do this year.

To recap - here's the link to my original plan, if you're interested.

1. Gray t-shirt knit Southport - I had this on my wardrobe plan as a potential Eucalypt hack, but then Southport was released and all plans were thrown out the window!
2. Striped Rayon Yaletown - one of my lesser worn dresses, mostly because it wrinkles so badly after washing
3. Striped Saltspring - this fabric was also slated for a Eucalypt hack, but I went with Saltpring instead, with braided straps!

1. Silk Saltspring - I sewed this up for a wedding, but it got a decent amount of wear all summer. Sometimes it felt a bit too fancy for work though.
2. Denim M7084 - I finished this before my trip to Spain in July, and now the denim seems to really be wearing in due to so many wears and washes.
3. Voile Southport - this was my first Southport, and despite a few sizing issues - it's one of my most worn. I originally pegged this fabric for M6696, but I'm glad I went with Southport instead.

1. Ikat Cascade - one of my pre-St. John vacation makes. I love this skirt pattern and I love it even more in the rayon poplin I used. It's been great with a nicer blouse, tank or tee.
2. Striped Hemlock - I whipped this up the morning before I left for the Santa Barbara Vintners Festival in April.
3. Silk Southport Tank - I'm not super crazy about this tank (the silk bias finished arm holes and neck are kind of wrinkled), but I'm glad I went for a Southport tank rather than my planned sleeveless Archer. Wrangling silk is no joke.
4. Woven Hudsons - I love these pants and wore them a lot while traveling. They're extremely comfortable, and I can't wait to wear them even more when it cools off.

I also sewed many things not on this list, as I found them to be more necessary (tanks, shorts, jeans, etc.). Below are a few of my favorites, but not pictured are my light Gingersfloral Southport, and polkadot Soma.

1. Mercer Tunic - I made this in a seafoam linen, and after making a few changes to the pattern, this has been a super wearable shirt for summer
2. Linen Hudson Shorts - I lopped the legs off of my Hudson pattern to make shorts!
3. Coachella Shorts - I copied Indiesew's excellent styling for this pair of casual shorts
4. Greenwood Tank - such an amazing basic pattern! I need many more of these - but these three have gotten a lot of wear

One of the main things I did not get to were my silk Carolyn Pajamas - I have the shorts completed (but with wonky-ish piping that I should maybe fix), and the top is cut out but not sewn. The silk proved to be shifty enough that I lost patience. But I hope to pick it up again soon!

I'm really, really excited about my Fall/Winter sewing plans, and I'll be sharing them in a few weeks!!! I even feel ahead of the game because I've now finished two items on my list!

What was your favorite make of Spring or Summer? Mine are definitely my Southports!

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