April 8, 2015


The first dress of spring is here (and the first off my Spring Wardrobe Plan)!! It's the Yaletown dress pattern by Sewaholic!

Pattern: Sewaholic Yaletown
Size: 12 (bust) / 8 (waist and hip)
Alterations: shortened bodice by 2"
Fabric: Rayon challis from Michael Levine Loft

This past weekend, Jeremy and I took these photos in a really lovely area of Marina Del Rey - there are these housing developments where groups of houses all face the same park-like area (they call them "malls" haha). The flowers in and around the area were in full bloom, and spring has definitely sprung in LA (even though it wasn't ever quite what most of you would consider winter)! I think the scenery really elevated the look of this dress (which I made really to be a casual spring/summer dress or even a swim suit coverup) - and we'll definitely be heading back here for pictures!

The Yaletown dress is a pattern I've made once before - and I took it with me on my Handmade Honeymoon (also here). Sewaholic sizes their patterns for pear shapes, of which I am not, and I wasn't entirely pleased with my first go around. My measurements match about a 14 (bust) / 12 (waist) / 8 (hip) in Sewaholic sizing. The first time I made this dress, I went with the sizing that I fit into on the size chart, but the result was a dress that was basically too big all over. I then made some sizing adjustments for this version!

I ended up taking the bust size down to a 12,  and graded to an 8 at the waist, with a size 8 hip. I also wanted to remove some of the blousing from the pattern, so I removed 2" at the lengthen/shorten line. I did make a mistake here, however, because I didn't leave the crossover part (the wrap) as long as it should've been for a size 8, and it resulted in a crossover that was more of a size 2. For the next version, I'll add about an inch or so to the overall length of the crossover because it's pulling at the waist/side seam. I think this is also effecting the elastic waist, as it seems to pull a bit to the middle.

I also omitted the sleeves and the self fabric belt. I had intended on this being sleeveless, but I really wanted to make the belt - and I ran out of fabric (this happened to me on my last version too)! I think it looks fine without, but the belt would've been cute. I also was so short on fabric that I didn't have room to cut the back skirt on the fold (and had to cut two pieces), so I serged it together at the back center seam.

Speaking of fabric (and the lack of enough yardage), I picked this rayon challis up at the Michael Levine Loft. This place is totally hit or miss - sometimes I get 18 pounds of amazing fabric, and sometimes I leave empty handed. But sometimes I do find the exact fabric I was hoping for, like this rayon!

Overall, I really love this dress - and I think it can go from casual to fancy - depending on the fabric and where you wear it! It's the perfect start to my spring dress collection!

What's on your must-sew list for spring (or winter for you Southern Hemisphere folks)?


  1. Wow. This is a beautiful dress, and how I envy you theat scenery. What a place to go for a photo shoot.

  2. Such a pretty dress! I like this wrap style a lot. And what a great place for photos! We have a little family vacation in the LA area every August and I keep thinking I should check out Michael Levine but always end up at Mood instead...I am all over the place with my sewing right now- I have a bunch of projects cut out and even more planned but no time to bring them all together :(

  3. Great dress, and fab photos! I've got a cape, a denim beignet, another Granville shirt and some style arc trousers on my list.... Alternating with a range of wool Jersey palate cleansing tops! The list is never ending!

  4. Thank you, Anne!! I can't wait to go back to take more photos - it was a complete surprise to us!

  5. Thanks, Kelly! Michael Levine/garment district is a bad place to go if you have too many things to make already (just kidding - it's amazing), only because you'll get so much fabric! I definitely recommend checking out Michael Levine, the Loft across the street, and my favorite Angel Textiles (846 Maple Ave). Shopping in the garment district makes it so hard to shop at Mood (I see the same stuff there sometimes for more $$). Feel free to email me if you want any more suggestions (or a tour from yours truly!!)!

  6. Thanks, Sarah!! Ooooh I cannot wait to see your winter clothes - especially trousers!! I want to make some, but I'm now getting distracted by dresses (and more ginger jeans!).

  7. This dress is so beautiful! I love that colour on you, and it looks even more gorgeous with those pretty flowers in the background. What a beautiful area, and great photos!
    You could always do an fabric belt in another colour - like navy or black, and only wear it sometimes for a different look, just an option.
    I have been all about the jeans lately (as you know) but you've really got me jonesing for pretty dresses now!

  8. Thanks, Heather!!! And thanks for the belt suggestion - a contrast belt would be cute! Your jean making has become prolific!! I wish I could make more (well I could...), but I had forgotten how instant gratification dresses can be! :D

  9. I always run out of fabric (and patience) before I get a chance to make a fabric belt, too. So I stick with the same leather belt I always wear (I really should buy more belts...)

    The dress looks loooovely and comfortable, perfect for summer!

  10. Hahaha glad we're in the same boat! I'm always like, "Oh! fabric belt! Oh - no more fabric." I want to get some of those skinny belts for summer!

  11. I definitely want to check it out! Maybe I can sew through enough of my stash by then to make it feel legit ;) I'll let you know if/when I will be there- I would love a personal tour!

  12. Awesome! When it gets closer, send me an email (katiejacocks@gmail.com) when you think you would be there, and we can meet up! And if you're there over the weekend, Saturday is better than Sunday, the Loft is closed on Sunday's :(

  13. What a pretty dress! I love the colors! Honestly, every time I've made a fabric belt, I've ended up not using it! I always prefer wearing a regular belt. :) Also, Marina del Rey is so beautiful! A college friend used to housesit for her cousin in MdR all the time and I loved to hang out with her there. It's so pretty!

    Let's see, as far as spring sewing goes, I'm planning to make some separates, mostly. I only have a couple of nice tops and need to replace some worn-out tees. And I'd like to make a couple of pairs of trousers, too, if I can find the time. I'd also like to make the Papercut Patterns Clover dress... it seems so cute for spring!

  14. Thanks, Sonja! And you're probably right about the fabric belt - I probably wouldn't wear it either! Can't wait to see your spring clothes (I need to make some separates too but I'm dress obsessed!)!