October 5, 2015


I am really, really excited to announce today that Jeremy and I have opened an online shop - Threadbare Fabrics!!

Threadbare Fabrics is an online fabric store based in Los Angeles, California. Our goal is to provide high quality fabrics to the modern sewist. Sewing clothing is something that we're passionate about, and we look forward to sharing the fabrics we love with you!

When I re-discovered sewing 3 years ago, I also found a real love for not only apparel sewing but fabrics as well. Because I sew as a replacement for RTW clothing, it's really important to me to use fabrics that I would find in store bought clothing. This includes soft knits, cozy French terry and sweater knits, flowy dressmaking fabrics, and of course high quality denim.

In my natural habitat - photo by Kyle Peters

About two years ago, I started shopping for fabric in the Los Angeles garment district, and I felt like it opened up a whole new world. The sheer amount of choice was outstanding, and my stash grew and grew (oops!). However, the first time someone asked me where I bought the fabric used in a garment posted on Instagram - the answer was "the Los Angeles garment district" and sadly it was not available online.

Because of moments like that (and my total devotion to fabrics), Jeremy and I thought it would be wonderful to open an online fabric shop so could make some of our favorite fabrics available to people all over the country (and world!).

While the goal is to stock other fabrics in the future, denim seemed like an easy choice for our initial launch. My love affair with denim started when I made a pair of Ginger Jeans for the first time - using, of course, high quality stretch denim from Cone Mills.

Currently in stock, we have two weights of Cone Mills S-Gene denim (11.5oz and 9oz), stretch black denim and rigid indigo denim. The S-Gene denim is amazing - the fabric snaps back into place, and doesn't bag out after a day of wearing. The jeans I've made with this denim can be worn 4 or 5 times before washing, and often that's because I feel they're dirty and not that they're stretched out. All three stretch denims would work great with the Ginger Jeans, Jamie Jeans and Angel Jeans patterns!

The rigid denim would be a great choice for men's jeans (including Jedediah and Jutland), jean jackets (like Kwik Sew 3251 and the StyleArc Stacie), other outerwear and accessories.

Long story short - we're so excited about Threadbare Fabrics and happy it's open that we'd like to offer a discount code for the first week* - DENIM15.

We'd love to hear from you - so please feel free to email us (threadbarefabrics@gmail.com) with feedback and even your requests for what types of denim and other fabric you'd like to see in the shop! Also, please sign up for our newsletter if you'd like to receive notifications of new fabrics, and most importantly - future discount codes!

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey (or at least making it to the bottom of this post)!

*discount code expires Sunday October 11, 2015 at 11:59pm PST.

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